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About Us

Our Story

Born to a family of Gem Stone traders, Mr. Dharmendra Punglia began his Emerald dream 25 years ago as a sole trader in the emerging city of Bangkok. Although Gem Stones Ltd was founded in 1995, its legacy of gem trading has been carried forward over the last 100 years.


Since the start of the company, Mr. Dharmendra Punglia has put his heart and soul into personally tracking down elusive emerald mines, processing facilities and finding the right buyer. Throughout the years, the dreams and standards of the company have only grown and continue to do so, as Gem Stone Ltd acquires a global recognition. Much of the company’s reach is credited to its participation in over 20 trade shows in a calendar year.


Today, with the help of our highly skilled team, Gem Stones Ltd has expanded to four different countries with employees from diverse backgrounds. We have the privilege and access to the largest inventory of Colombian emeralds. Our direct affiliation with renowned and licensed laboratories guarantee the highest quality Emeralds you are looking for.

Our Team

Dharmendra (Bantu) Punglia

Managing Director

Dharmendra Punglia is the founder and owner of Gem Stones Ltd. His leadership skills are instrumental in driving the company in becoming one of the largest emerald hubs in the world. Honesty and sincerity are some of his guided values and the key to his long-lasting business relationships.

“It doesn’t matter if a dream is big or small, what matters is its value.

Bringing an emerald to life is an elaborated process. From finding the emerald to cutting and polishing it, handling it with extreme care. When we buy an emerald, we get a new member into our home, we take care of it. When selling it, we give it away with full assurance and make sure it’s certified.

Our team is our family, and so are our customers. Gem Stones Ltd isn’t just an office, it’s my home, it’s where our team finds the people who the emerald was created for.”

Subhash Punglia

Managing Director

Based in Jaipur, Subhash Pungalia manages the company in India. He overlooks regional customers and multiple trade shows in megacities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Jaipur. His dedication to the company has resulted in Gem Stones Ltd’s exemplary presence in India’s Emerald industry, as well as the upkeep of the company’s long standing reputation.

“The powerful bond with my brother and the love between us has made Gem Stones Ltd what it is today. Working alongside one another with enormous passion and respect made this business strong, and its value surpassed all expectations. Our dreams keep getting bigger, there is never an end, so we will always look up high and go after all our dreams.”

Nikunj Punglia


Nikunj Punglia is a GIA graduate gemologist and the Marketing Director of Gem Stones Ltd. With knowledge of Digital Marketing and ambitions to expand the company into the fast-paced Gem industry of Hong Kong, he is responsible for extensive strategies and an international customer base.

“Nothing has been more inspiring than watching my father and uncle build this company from the ground up. I believe my ambitious spirit to promote expansion through digital marketing strategies and global business relations can mean new levels of success for Gem Stone Ltd.”